The Sligo Champion in conjunction with the Sligo LEADER Partnership
Sligo Business Awards - The Sligo Champion in conjunction with the Sligo LEADER Partnership


Keith Moran SL Controls –  Winner – Best Sligo Business Award 2018

THE 2018 overall winner was SL Controls: Its Managing Director, Keith Moran said: “Winning the award was really recognition of the work we have done, it’s not only a recognition of our work in Sligo but it’s a recognition of our work that we’ve done to promote Sligo all over the region and all over the country.

“IT means a lot to our employees to see that their hard work is recognised. Especially as a proud Sligo man it’s really good to get recognised by your own town and county.

“A lot of people say it’s harder to be a success in your own town, I don’t believe that. I think you can but I think to do that you have to put in the effort of promoting your town, you have to be behind your town. You can’t just get recognition by throwing yourself out there, you have to support the region.

“I would 100% encourage businesses to enter the Sligo Business Awards. It’s great publicity, it’s great to get the word out there. It’s great to encourage your staff, it’s all positive. I would encourage people because some people say ‘awards, I’m not into that it’s a bit vain and there’s a lot of vanity about that’.

“WHEN we won that award it gave the company a great lift, not just in our Sligo office but across the country in our different offices. The guys were saying ‘you won an award in Sligo, why aren’t we going for these awards in Limerick and Galway?’. It’s pushed us on,” he said.